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"Out of the box fiction and bants with a different voice."

Dennard Dayle, Author
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Meg Oolders is the author of the Watty Award winning novel,
See Dot Smile, and creator of the dynamic email newsletter publication, Stock Fiction.
Once described as “a tenacious survivor of a ferocious fight of feral identities,” Meg has an impressive resume of jobs worked, passions explored, and dreams deferred, including decades of work in the theater, music, and culinary arts. Her current occupations are writing, motherhood, matrimony, and middle-age.Her compelling young adult novels are ripe with humor, hope, and emotional heroism, and feature remarkable characters on illuminating journeys through the trials of adolescence. They’re also big on romance.Her short-form style is equal parts empathic, evocative, edgy, and experimental, and her “true” voice is sharp-witted and sweetly sardonic.When she’s not actively writing or parenting, Meg enjoys yoga, long walks, cake, flowers, cooking, music, dance, and banter.On a professional note, Meg is actively seeking agent representation and traditional publication for her growing collection of novels, as well as bylines for her short fiction, poetry, and humor projects.

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See Dot Smile is a scintillatingly sweet story about a tight-knit group of teens navigating their last year of high school together, and what happens when one girl's quest for love and sexual conquest takes an unexpected turn into uncharted romantic territory.2023 WATTY AWARD WINNER!Read for FREE now!


Talk Fiction is a podcast dedicated to entertainment media's most overlooked underdogs: Fiction writers. In this series, Stock Fiction creator, Meg Oolders, chats with some of her favorite people about writing, life, and the places they intersect. This is what happens when creatives get together to talk about their greatest passion. And whatever else they want to talk about.



Find more interviews, author vlogs, short films, and other multimedia experiments on Meg's YouTube channel.

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"Wickedly honest, dramatic, and funny ... An expertly written, vivid trip ... Author Meg Oolders expertly portrays the serious themes of teenagers today with entertainment and hope."

Claudine Wolk, Author
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Please feel free to contact Meg with questions, publishing opportunities, or interview requests. She is committed to growing as a writer and a creative business owner and believes that every new connection helps her on that journey!